Botanical name: Gerbera jamesoniiGerberas

Cultivated Gerberas are derived from a wild South African daisy sometimes referred to as the Transvaal or Barberton Daisy.

Gerberas are a great plant for short periods of time indoors and can also be grown under patios and verandas.

The blooms appear from early spring to late autumn and can be used as a stunning cut flower for floral displays.

Available now are Gerberas in vibrant new bicolours with broad petals in double and semi-double forms. As well as improving flowers, plant breeders have developed a range of more compact plants for the instant potted colour market.

Growing Gerberas

Gerberas require a well-lit position indoors or a protected position outside. They prefer a rich, well-drained soil with a regular application of liquid fertiliser for best results.

Removing the spent flower heads will prolong the flowering cycle and prevent disease.

Gerberas are grown in most parts of Australia but are prefer a warm climate. In cool or moist areas plants require very good drainage and shelter from the cold.

If your soil has poor drainage, grow the plants in a raised garden bed. If you are from the southern regions of Australia and experience wet autumns and winters plant Gerberas where they will keep dry during the colder months or keep them inside. Gerberas love a glasshouse/plastic house over winter if you have one.