Strawberries and Cream® indoorsStrawberries & Cream is a lace cap Hydrangea with dramatic red/white lace cap flowers contrasting against large dark green foliage. It is ideal as a gift that can be used as a fantastic patio container plant as well as a garden specimen.

With its compact and bushy rounded growth habit Hydrangea Strawberries & Cream® makes an excellent garden specimen by itself or looks great in massed plantings.

A multitude of flowers cover the whole bush all season long. The deep red/white lace cap flowers and the large glossy dark green foliage makes it rather festive and a perfect gift. Red colour can vary according to soil pH levels.

Key Features of Strawberries & Cream®

  • Flowers late spring through to mid summer.
  • Individual flowers are 35-40 mm in diameter.
  • Large glossy dark green leaves.
  • Large heads of clustered dramatic red/white lace cap flowers covering the whole bush.
  • Perfect for patio containers or the garden in single & mass plantings.
  • Grows to 90-120cm high x 90-120 cm wide in the garden.
  • Grows to 60 - 80cm in a container (select a large container 40-50cm wide).

Growing and Care Tips

    • Prefers a partially shaded position.
    • Cut foliage back to 2-3 pairs of buds in late winter.
    • Plant 80-100 cm apart for massed planting and further apart for specimen planting.
    • Prefers well worked friable soils that are either of a neutral or slightly alkaline pH.
    • If soil is sandy or gravelly include organic matter and cover with mulch.
    • Avoid very heavy water logged conditions.
    • Prefers to be moderately to well watered over summer, especially while establishing.
    • Cut back each stem to the 2nd or 3rd bud up from the base in late winter.
    • Quite tolerant of cold conditions as it is deciduous so is dormant in winter.
    • Feed in spring and again late summer with a general fertiliser.
    • Prefers morning sun in hot climates, but will tolerate full sun in mild summer climates.
    • Protect from extreme hot/windy weather in summer and at the same time apply extra water.
    • For more information follow this link to the Fact Sheet:

Strawberries and Cream