Botanical name: Osteospermum ecklonisOsteospermum Flame

Osteospermum Flame provides a raging display of red hot, daisy-like flowers in spring and summer.

This colourful display makes Osteospermum Flame an ideal choice if you’re looking to add warmth to your garden palette.

It is a hardy, low growing plant that will set your pots, hanging baskets, mixed containers, garden beds or borders ablaze with its large, fiery flowers of long lasting colour.

Growing Osteospermum Flame

Flame prefers moist, free draining soils but will tolerate most soil types.

It withstands coastal conditions, light frosts and extended dry periods.

Remove spent flowers and trim lightly after flowering.

Prune back old, spindly branches.

Grows 25-40cm high x 35-50cm wide.

Prefers full sun position.