Impatiens New Guinea hybrid mix

Indoor & Patio Plants

Our Patio Jewel Range plants are a range of flowering and foliage plants suitable for indoor or patio positions and appeal to everyone 52 weeks of the year.

The indoor flowering products are full of colour and will bright your patio or indoor area instantly.

The indoor foliage products are a leafy, hardy range that will filter the air and improve your well-being. These are ideal for the office, kitchen or patio area. Ensure you keep them indoors during winter if you reside in cool temperate regions.

As a general rule when caring for indoor plants, remember that circulation of air is important but avoid excessively cold or hot air streams, and sudden changes in the temperature. Don’t over-water the plants but don’t let them dry out too much.  Water when the top of the soil feels dry, using enough water to run through the drain holes.  Then don’t water again until the soil feels dry again.  Water the plant under the foliage and never let it stand in water.