Botanical name: Impatiens hawkeri

SunPatiens® is a breakthrough in Impatiens breeding as it is the first series that tolerates heat, humidity, rain, sun and shade!


SunPatiens® provide three times as much coverage and colour as standard bedding plants in the same space. Plant 1 SunPatiens for every 3 bedding plants!  For the landscaper and homeowner, this means SunPatiens® provide great value by saving on purchase costs and labour with added benefits:

      • SunPatiens® thrive in full sun and shade, providing maximum flexibility for landscapers and home owners
      • A single planting provides three seasons of colour with NO maintenance besides regular watering
      • SunPatiens are unaffected by Downy Mildew so are a natural choice for colour in shady areas
      • Strong roots develop fast so plants are quick to grow and fill in
      • Strong, weather-tolerant plants hold up to wind and rain

Use SunPatiens® as a landscape plant, in pots, baskets or mixed containers in any situation, from shade to full sun, and you will be rewarded with brilliant colour from spring right throughout the hottest summer until the first frosts.


SunPatiens® have incredible heat tolerance and will continue to grow and bloom after planting.

Available SunPatiens® Colours

  • Blush Pink
  • Corona
  • Deep Rose
  • Light CoralPBR variety
  • LilacPBR variety
  • Magenta
  • OrangePBR variety
  • SalmonPBR variety
  • WhitePBR variety

Sunpatiens display


Growing SunPatiens®

Grows 45-90cm high x 60-120cm wide.

Easy to grow and care for. Feed with a slow release fertiliser when first planted, water well and watch them go!

Suitable for hanging baskets, containers, garden beds and pots.


Ball Certified Plant










For more information visit the Ball website.