Lime Basil

Botanical name: Ocimum americanum

A lime twist on an old favourite, this is a zesty variety with a strong scent of lime.

This Basil variety provides vibrant colour in the garden and a tasty addition to salads and cooked dishes. Well suited to Thai cuisine, it works well with fish, soups and sauces.

Health Benefits of Lime Basil

Basil Lime is an incredible source of antioxidants as well as containing a wide range of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients which are essential for wellbeing.

Lime Basil Growing Information

Plant in a warm and sunny position with generous amounts of fertiliser and water.

Will tolerate part shade but prefers full sun.

Once established, remove the tips to promote bushy growth.

Regularly prune flowers to improve leaf growth for harvest.

Pick the leaves just before use, to ensure optimum flavour.

Basil  does not enjoy cold weather, so keep it in a pot on a sunny window sill during winter for a year-round supply,

Grows 65cm high.

Suitable for pots.