Haar's Nursery

                 The leading wholesale nursery for herbs, flowering and indoor plants.

Superfood - Broccoli Purple
Superfood - Carrot Purple
Superfood - Radish Purple
Superfood - Garlic Purple
Superfood - Kale Tuscan
Superfood - Wasabi Rocket
Nemesia Triple Treat
New Guinea Impatiens Rokoko
Impacio Impatiens
NEW RELEASE - BROCCOLI PURPLEPurple Broccoli is rich in anthocyanins, an antioxidant compound reported to aid the improvement of memory, protect against heart attacks, enhance vision and act as anti-inflammatories.



Haar's Nursery Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian producer of flowering indoor and outdoor pot plants, herbs, vegetables, superfoods and hanging baskets.

Haar's Nursery's current core ranges are outdoor flowering plants, indoor flowering plants, herbs and superfoods. The strong growth of these core ranges and the continuous launch of new products, highlights Haar's commitment to innovation and its ability to produce products closely aligned with consumer trends.


Haar's Nursery's vision is:

“To be Australia's leading provider of flowering plants, herbs, vegetables and superfoods to help our customers live healthier and more fulfilling lives.”


Haar's Nursery's reputation in producing quality popular products has established the Company as a preferred partner for Australian leading retailers, independent nurseries and garden centres.


Calibrachoa Double Ruby


 Popular products included in the Haar's range are:
      • Lavender
      • Cyclamen
      • African Violets
      • Hanging Baskets
      • Cottage plants
      • Herbs Food for Life
      • Superfoods
      • Indoor flowering plants
      • Outdoor flowering plants